Vintage Stevie Wonder ‎Looking Back 1977 US Motown ‎M 804LP3 3 LP Record Limited Edition Vintage Vinyl Record Album


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Stevie Wonder ‎Looking Back

Label: Motown ‎M 804LP3

Format: 3 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Compilation 

Country: US

Released: 1977

Genre: Funk Soul R&B

Style: Soul 


A1 Thank You (For Loving Me All The Way) 2:30

A2 Contract On Love 2:02

A3 Fingertips (Part II) 2:52

A4 Workout Stevie, Workout 2:40

A5 Castles In The Sand 2:10

A6 Hey Harmonica Man 2:35

A7 High Heel Sneakers 2:58

B1 Uptight (Eveything's Alright) 2:53

B2 Nothing's Too Good For My Baby 2:38

B3 Blowin' In The Wind 3:45

B4 Ain't That Asking For Trouble 2:47

B5 I'd Cry 2:22

B6 A Place In The Sun 2:52

B7 Sylvia 2:33

C1 Down To Earth 2:48

C2 Thank You Love 2:50

C3 Hey Love 2:44

C4 Travelin' Man 2:54

C5 Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) 3:06

C6 I Was Made To Love Her 2:35

C7 I'm Wondering 2:52

D1 Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Da Day 2:44

D2 You Met Your Match 2:36

D3 I'd Be A Fool Right Now 2:53

D4 Alfie 2:58

D5 More Than A Dream 3:20

D6 For Once In My Life 2:16

E1 Angie Girl 2:56

E2 My Cherie Amour 2:54

E3 Don't Know Why I Love You 2:43

E4 If I Ruled The World 3:31

E5 Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday 2:57

E6 Never Had A Dream Come True 2:59

E7 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 2:46

F1 Heaven Help Us All 2:59

F2 I Gotta Have A Song 2:32

F3 Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer 2:56

F4 If You Really Love Me 2:53

F5 Something Out Of The Blue 2:58

F6 Do Yourself A Favour 5:58

Barcode: None

Matrix#: Side 1 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7618-1-06D PPA ja #13 Δ22821

Matrix#: Side 2 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7619-2-06C ja #13 Δ22821-X PPA

Matrix#: Side 3 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7620-3-06A #13 ja Δ22826 PPA

Matrix#: Side 4 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7621-4-06A #13 ja Δ22826-X PPA

Matrix#: Side 5 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7622-5-06B ̷m̷r̷ ja Δ22829 PPA

Matrix#: Side 6 - m 804LP3-D5RS-7623-6-06B #13 ja Δ22829-X PPA 

Media (stock photo):NM

Sleeve (stock photo):NM- (cut out, mild sleeve damage)

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