Cerwin Vega RE-30 Three Way Floor Standing Stereo Speakers

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Cerwin Vega RE-30 Three Way Floor Standing Stereo Speakers. Boasting impressive specifications specifically engineered for audiophiles, these speakers accurately hit on the nuances of every note, providing stunningly accurate lows and highs for music enthusiasts.

Year: 1990s

Country: USA

Wattage: 250 Watts

Finish: Black Ash Finish

Subwoofer: 12” With Cast-aluminum Frame

Mid Range: 4” Mid Range Speaker

Tweeter: 1” Metal Mylar Dome

Frequency Range: 28Hz - 20kHz.

Crossover: 500Hz Electronic Filter

Protection: Self-resetting Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) & Fuse protection

Dimensions: 32” X 16.5”  X 14”

Weight: 57 Lbs 

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