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Quality Fifteen Record Album Mystery Bulk Record Album Bundles Bulk Vintage Vinyl Record Albums FREE SHIPPING (in the Continental U.S. only). Fifteen quality record albums sold in bulk bundles....FUN! Checkered Records takes in 30,000+ albums every year! Bulk mystery bundles include a nice blend of music covering anything from rock, blues, jazz, alternative, folk, post punk, funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, techno and other great genres. We never include junk like symphonic or polka music. Bundles will have an average record grading of VG+. Our customers love the experience of discovering the unique blend of new and familiar artists found in our bundles. Each collection will have an average retail value of about 3X the price paid per bundle (minus the $1.60 cents per pound shipping price our shop covers). Retail value is based on DISCOGS averages for like albums. Individual music preferences can make mystery bundles a bit of a gamble. Therefore, we do not not accepted returns on these bundles based on music tastes. PLEASE DO NOT ask us to include "artists like" or "genres like". We cannot include albums that sell for $20+ each "like LED ZEPPPLIN" in a bundle that sells for $30 which we ship free of charge. If you want specific artists please visit us at www.checkeredrecords.com. All that said, we like happy customers. So if you have an issue, reach out and we will see what can be done for you.