Vintage 1991 Yes Years Double Sided Promotional Poster


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Vintage 1991 Yes Years Double Sided Promotional Poster 

Year: 1991

Dimensions: 35.5 X 24

Condition: VG

We do our best at accurately describing the “general” condition of our posters (concert, promo, store, etc). We assign a condition to each poster which is applicable to a “generalized condition” category – this is always noted in the poster description detail.

The condition rating chart we use is the following:

NM: Poster is crisp, clean and almost perfect.

EX: Poster is almost new - may have very slight imperfections.

VG: Shows minor aging. Slight edge/corner and possible surface wear or slight creasing.

G: Visible signs of aging and wear (edge/corner/surface/tears). Possible discoloration and/or creasing/wrinkling.

F: Distinctive signs of aging and wear: Tears, pinholes, slight creases, edge/corner and surface wear. Possible tape restoration -- but simply still a very cool collectible piece.

P:  Has characteristics of FAIR condition but with irreversible damage or wear. Has historic / nostalgic value for a serious collector.