Checkered Records Shipping Policies & Options

Checkered Records is proud to provide our customers with $4 USPS Bulk Media Mail shipping. All orders generally ship within 3-5 business days from receipt of order. All Checkered Records items are carefully packaged to provide the safest delivery possible. Items that are shipped via USPS Media Mail are not insured nor protected. If you wish to increase the level of protection of your shipment, we offer Guaranteed Safe Delivery. If you would like to pay for additional shipping options including rush delivery, please contact our office. Checkered Records reserves the right to choose a separate carrier based on size and weight of individual orders.

Delivery Protection

Checkered Records requires customers to sign for some deliveries based on package value. This helps to safeguard purchases of higher dollar values such as stereo equipment and rare record albums. Customer signed delivery confirmations are generally required on all purchases over $50. Customers are given an option to waive this protection via an electronic Delivery Protection Waiver. In doing so, the customer assumes all risks of loss or theft of shipped items. Please contact Checkered Records for any question you may have regarding our Delivery Protection policy.

Checkered Records Offers Local Delivery

Checkered Records can deliver any item from our store right to your door! Local delivery is based per mile and is limited to within a fifteen mile radius of our home office. Customers wishing to take advantage of our local delivery option should call, text or email Checkered Records and make arrangements ahead of purchases. All deliveries are made to the front door only and require a customer signature. For more information check out Door To Door Delivery

Phone/Text: 331-725-1218


International Shipping

Shipping prices on this website pertain to domestic US shipments only (Contiguous United States). Checkered Records may offer international shipping with additional shipping costs. Additional shipping costs must be calculated before a transaction can be completed. International shipping does NOT include insurance. If you would like additional shipping protection, please let us know. Shipping costs do NOT include any additional import tax, tariffs, excise tax, VAT or any other additional charges required by countries outside of the US. Checkered Records is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged shipments that do not carry additional protection. Talk to us